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What is $RARI?

How can I see if I own any $RARI?

Can I claim $RARI without buying it?

How long do I have to claim my $RARI?

What can I do with my $RARI?

What is veRARI?

Where is $RARI available for trading?

Where can I ask questions about $RARI and the rewards program?

Can I use one lock to delegate to multiple delegates?

RARI Chain

What is RARI Chain?

How do I bridge off of RARI Chain?

What is the gas token on RARI Chain?

I’m a project/ infrastructure app/ dapp, how do I partner with RARI Chain?

I’m an NFT creator, how do I partner with RARI Chain / participate in future drops?

How does the royalty enforcing mechanism work on RARI Chain?

How do I get funds to RARI Chain (bridging ETH to RARI Chain)?

What is an L3? How is it different from L2?

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