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RARI Ecosystem Grants Program

The RARI Ecosystem Grants Program is a joint initiative by RARI DAO and RARI Foundation to support projects that contribute to innovations and expansion of NFT use cases and accelerate the RARI ecosystem growth.

RARI Ecosystem Grants Program

The RARI Ecosystem Grants Program is designed to support builders, creators and other contributors with milestone-based funding and the RARI Ecosystem support to excel at their work. The program operates in sprints, which are focused on various types of applications, use cases and can be funded from different treasuries within the RARI ecosystem. Learn more

What do we expect

Here’s a list of initiatives we seek to fund through our ecosystem grant program.


Innovative NFT marketplaces and/or apps that scale the NFT use case


Expanding NFT use in web3 verticals such as gaming, social, brand loyalty, digital collectibles, governance


Innovating on NFT primitives such as fractionalization, lending, non-transferable NFTs, just to name a few


NFT projects that improve user experience interacting, creating, collecting and selling NFTs

Criteria for Evaluations

When reviewing applications, the grant committee will apply the lens of whether the project is growing NFT ecosystem via innovation with a specific focus on the list of initiatives we’re looking to fund (see guidelines).

In addition, the committee will take into account the overall strength of the application, previous track record of the project/applicant/team, clarity in how the funds will be deployed, what results are to be expected, and how these will be tracked and reported.

Accelerate the RARI ecosystem growth

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