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Galxe Rewards Update

UpdatesMarch 29, 2024

TLDR & Logistics 

Awards distribution will open on Galxe April 2nd on the Arbitrum One network for Galxe passport holders who have passed KYC. You will have six weeks to claim your rewards (April 2-May 14).

To claim your rewards, please visit our Quest page and find the rewards task related to the campaigns in which you participated and are eligible to receive rewards.

We had the best intentions of creating a robust rewards experience to celebrate the RARI Chain launch. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned, but we're here to listen and improve. We are excited to announce other upcoming rewards programs with improved and precise mechanisms. 

As a recap, here are the reward mechanisms for the Quest:


Social Week: Scores > 50 get an NFT that gives you access to a private /rarifoundation Discord channel

Collector & Creator Week 1: Scores >210 points get $110 in $RARI, or >85 but <210 get $10 in $RARI

Collector & Creator Week 2 & 2.5 + the Gabe Weis drop: Scores >140 get $40 in $RARI

If you were unable to claim points on Galxe during the campaign and feel you are eligible for more rewards, you may dispute your points via this form until April 5th, 2024.

Your $RARI and the RARI ecosystem growth

We were humbled by the amount of participation in this Quest and thank everyone who joined the RARI ecosystem during this time.

While some may have hoped for a bigger reward, we did our best to reward as many people as possible, especially those most active on the chain. We created this quest to encourage and invite people to become long-term ecosystem members, which is growing rapidly with new integrations and partnerships.

Our mission is to protect creator royalties and encourage new NFT innovations exciting for collectors and Web3's overall trajectory. RARI Chain is early in its journey, and by earning $RARI, you can be a part of its growth. 

Recent integrations and partnerships

  • Magic (easy wallets and onboarding for new users)

  • Gelato (sponsored gas fees)

  • HeyMint (point-and-click minting/smart contracts)

  • Decent (fast bridging)

  • Relay (fast bridging)

…with wallets, DEXs, and more partnerships to be announced soon!

What can I do with my $RARI?

Locking 100 $RARI will come with these benefits:

  1. Participate in governance with the DAO (you'll receive veRARI if you lock up any amount of $RARI).

  2. 0% seller fees on Rarible.com

  3. Private Discord access 

  4. RARI Prime badge along with veRARI role

Other awards

While we planning Galxe as an introduction to RARI Chain, we nonetheless have listened to your feedback and have improvements for future campaigns. We have improved our award programs and have precise mechanisms and expectations for participants moving forward.

Coming Soon: $RARI Rewards

Watch the announcements for updates on $RARI Rewards, a native rewards program on Rarible that will be open for 90 days from mid-April. Points will be granted daily based on bidding and minting activities, offering a daily opportunity to earn $RARI.  

Claim your rewards, and join the conversation on Discord!

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