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Looking back at 2023

OtherJanuary 5, 2024

Activity recaps have become our favorite tradition – and the part we like the most is looking back at a transformative year! Join us as we reminisce about the main things that happened in the RARI Foundation ecosystem in 2023:


We take pride in how much our governance system has matured in 2023! From the very first grant being allocated for Rarible Twitter Bot by Botfrens almost exactly a year ago, the community since voted on 16 proposals, with 10 of them approved and executed on chain.

Throughout the year, we underwent a few major structural changes, including the launch of the Security Council with the power to perform urgent upgrades, routine maintenance to the Rarible Protocol, and stopping DAO hack attempts.

Last year’s big focus was on growing and supporting our network of delegates: active community members with voting power who are the pillars of the RARI Foundation governance system. This resulted in the launching of a widely successful Delegate Launchpad program that onboarded 15 new delegates into the RARI DAO.

Last May we also participated in the Delegation week, organized by Tally to bring attention to this crucial component of any DAO.

We wrapped up the year with a Delegation Incentives Program to reward active delegates and delegators alike.

It is also important to note that we advanced in one of the core missions of the RARI Foundation – overseeing the ownership transfer of the Rarible Protocol to the RARI DAO. According to the recent proposal, contracts that enable the community to decide protocol monetization were transferred to the RARI DAO.

RARI Chain testnet launch

On November 30th, 2023, we announced a major step for the RARI DAO and the entire $RARI ecosystem: the launch of the RARI Chain! It made a splash in the industry as the first network with royalties embedded and enforced on the node level.

RARI Chain continues on the mission started by Rarible to ensure that creators’ rights are always respected and supported, and we are proud to have Rarible as a launch partner and one of the first platforms to implement the chain.

As of now, this creator-centric network is available for testing, with the mainnet launch scheduled for Q1 2024. Check out this thread for the detailed tutorial. You can also watch the RARI Chain showcase with Arbitrum here.

Ecosystem growth

RARI Chain is built on Arbitrum Orbit, and one of the reasons we gravitate towards this infrastructure was a successful earlier proposal that became a major success for RARI Foundation in 2023.

We are talking about the integration of Rarible Protocol with Arbitrum, designed to bring the Protocol’s easy-to-use tooling to the Arbitrum ecosystem, empowering developers to build the use cases of the future on this fast and secure network.

Here are some more notable milestones from the ecosystem:

7 chains added to the Rarible Protocol

RARI Chain, Arbitrum, Chiliz… And a few more to be announced this January!

Steady growth in monthly API calls

In March 2023 we introduced API keys that allowed us to track the volume of API calls on the Rarible Protocol. Between then and December 31st, 2023 over 600 million API calls were made!

Indexer performance improvements

As of today, Rarible Protocol proudly has the fastest indexer on the market.


In 2023, you were able to meet the RARI Foundation at a variety of events across the globe:

  • RARI Foundation New York meet up at Rarible’s New York office (July 10th, 2023)

  • ETHPortland (August 18th, 2023), presented by Rarible co-founder Alex Salnikov

  • SheFi Summit at DevConnect (November 12th, 2023), presented by RARI Foundation’s Head of Strategy Jana Bertram

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