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RARI Chain Mainnet is live

UpdatesJanuary 24, 2024

TLDR; We are delighted to announce that the RARI Chain is now live on Mainnet—the first creator-centric chain with royalties embedded on the sequencer level. With lightning-fast transactions and near-zero gas fees, we are focused on building a pathway to new NFT use cases on a secure L3 powered by Arbitrum.

Since the inception of the RARI DAO and RARI Foundation in 2022, our mission has been to build decentralized infrastructure to power NFT use cases of the future. We built the RARI Chain, in partnership with Arbitrum and Caldera, to realize a vision where creativities can grow and thrive in a sustainable format on-chain. We firmly believe that the global community of creators, collectors, and developers working and collaborating on the next generation of art, music, culture and NFTs need a carefully thought-through and dedicated environment to better serve them.

While other blockchains came before us to help the community of artists, supporters, and developers occupy a corner of their networks, we pride ourselves in delivering a unique capability of embedding royalties guarantee into every NFT-related transaction on RARI Chain, the first of many capabilities and designs we aim to bring to RARI Chain to better serve our community.

We want to create this network for the group of creators, their supporters, and builders out there. We are thrilled to announce that the RARI Chain Mainnet is now live and available to everyone!

Since Testnet launched in November, we have been welcomed by the community of developers and creators that we aim to serve. With 46k wallets and 251,000 transactions performed, we are pleased that RARI Chain has found a voice with the NFT community and we are so excited about what the future holds for the RARI Chain.

How it works

When we are considering the key parameters of the RARI Chain, we know that fair royalty share and scalability are fundamental to fostering a robust and innovative NFT ecosystem. One of the differentiating features about the RARI Chain, and something we are incredibly proud of, is the ability to guarantee royalty payments for our creators as that will be embedded on the sequencer level. That means transactions attempting to circumvent royalty would revert and creators receive their fair share, provided the NFTs and the transactions are taking place on the RARI Chain.

In addition to the royalty enforcement mechanism, as an EVM-compatible L3 network powered by Arbitrum, RARI Chain promises low gas, ultra fast block finality, security and flexibility. With compatibility with other programming languages (Rust, C, and C++) coming soon, it completes the foundation to set up a dedicated blockchain to solve the unique challenges of NFTs.

The RARI Chain Partners

We are honored to be launching the RARI Chain Mainnet in collaboration with some of the most notable infrastructure projects in the web3 space. Each of these collaborations was designed to make the RARI Chain a foundational infrastructure for creators and NFT dApp developers.

We want to say a heartfelt thank you to: Arbitrum, Caldera, Celestia, Decent, Gelato, LayerZero, Magic, Rarible, Rainbow, SimpleHash, Thirdweb, WalletConnect and Zerion for providing that infrastructure that is vital for us to be able to offer the best-in-class experience through RARI Chain.

TEN by RARI: The first artists to drop on the RARI Chain

To celebrate the Mainnet launch, we collaborated with Rarible, HUG, Aniko Berman and Justin Gilanyi to present a series of open edition collection drops from a dynamic cohort of ten digital artists, comprising a diverse range of aesthetic practices, career stages, and geographies. The artists are Alien Queen, Amber Vittoria, Andre Oshea, Ed Balloon, Jimena Buena Vida, Lindsey Byrnes, Ottis Ots, Saeideart, Techkeyz, and Trizzy Trunk. We will have more on this opening cohort of artists in the coming days.

Explore to Earn

Starting today, you can explore the RARI Chain along with thousands of new users —and get rewarded for it. By participating in our Quest on Galxe, you’ll earn XP points and qualify for $RARI rewards at the end of the campaign. Tasks range from following us on X to providing technical feedback. We might have a surprise for participants!

Visit our Quest page to learn more about the RARI Chain Quest campaign.

Here is how you can become a part of the RARI Chain, too

Now that the RARI Chain Mainnet is live, our doors are open for all creators, innovators and change-makers looking to make the NFT industry a better place. Below you will find a variety of ways you can contribute to (and benefit from) the RARI Chain.

If you are a developer, head over here for detailed information about building on the RARI Chain. Keep an eye on our social channels, as we will be announcing a grants fund to empower you in building your NFT dApps. To apply for a grant, submit your application here.

As a creator, you can rest assured that your royalties for artworks minted and traded on the RARI Chain will always be protected. Furthermore, our native integration with Rarible marketplace allows you to automatically gain exposure to collectors. Start reaping the benefits by minting your artwork at Rarible!

We are also happy to share that we are currently working on establishing a Creator Fund that will enable a percentage of the chain proceeds into a sub-treasury designed to benefit the creators and governed by the RARI DAO.

If you are a collector, you can grow your collections with new waves of creations powered by your contributions. Near zero gas fees mean you never have to wait to trade your NFTs. Stay tuned for our upcoming drops on Rarible, starting January 29th!

Last but not least, we believe in a community-driven approach to NFT innovation. Through the RARI DAO, anyone can participate in the governance of the RARI Chain — including decision-making on the DAO treasury and chain revenue allocation — by locking $RARI to make a vote or becoming a delegate to represent the interests of other $RARI holders.

Bi-weekly community calls are open to everybody. Join our Discord or drop in on our community calls. Feel free to drop in to get up to speed on the most recent initiatives, and learn more about joining the DAO as an active contributor.

Please join us in marking this milestone! We can’t wait to see the innovative projects and creativity yet to be built on the RARI Chain.

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