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RARI Chain x Espresso: integration announcement

Next-level interoperability now brewing ☕️

AnnouncementsJune 5, 2024

Since before the launch of RARI Chain, we envisioned an infrastructure that not only puts creators first but revolutionizes the entire NFT experience for everyone involved. 

That’s why interoperability became an important focus on every step of our technical roadmap. From a user’s very first interaction with RARI Chain to more complicated actions, we prioritize convenience and ease of use — not only within our network, but beyond it. 

The choice of Arbitrum Orbit as the foundational layer for RARI Chain was partially driven by this ethos, and now we are excited to take our interoperability to the next level with our upcoming integration with Espresso. 

Espresso is a protocol that facilitates cross-chain interactions for rollups and beyond, providing production-grade support for the Arbitrum ecosystem. We’re excited to become one of the first Arbitrum Orbit chains to benefit from Espresso’s innovative infrastructure.

By deploying on Espresso’s upcoming production launch, we will provide near-instant confirmation times for RARI Chain users’ cross-chain bridge transactions. Powered by Espresso’s support for cross-chain atomicity, cross-chain NFT swaps will become available to our users later this year.

About RARI Chain

RARI Chain is a creator-centric L3 chain powered by Arbitrum that guarantees royalty payments through enforcement on the node level.

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