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RARI Foundation grants: everything you need to know

CommunityMarch 27, 2024

Two weeks ago, the RARI Foundation, in collaboration with the RARI DAO, unveiled a brand new grants program for developers innovating on the Rarible Protocol and the RARI Chain. With less than two weeks left until the applications close on April 7th, we gathered all the information about the program and application process to help you make the most of this opportunity. 

Read on to learn more!

Apply for Sprint 1 Grant

Who can apply

To foster innovation and growth of the RARI ecosystem, we are allocating 10k $RARI (each) to 5 developers building on the Rarible Protocol or contributing to the Rarible Protocol. We are especially interested in the innovation across the following verticals:  

  • Gaming

  • Social

  • Brand Loyalty 

  • Digital Collectables

  • Governance

Applications are accepted from established and up-and-coming projects alike. 

Developers building on RARI Chain can double their grant amount to 20k RARI!

How recipients are selected

The primary criteria for selecting the winners is their ability to demonstrate how their projects will benefit the RARI DAO and the RARI ecosystem. Transparency and accountability after the grant reception are key, so we are looking for applicants who are willing to work closely with the DAO throughout the process.

Grant applications are collected via application form until April 7th. They are then reviewed by the Grants Committee, which comprises 50% RARI DAO delegates and 50% RARI Foundation team members. If most of the grants committee votes favor an application, the recipient will qualify for a grant!

All grant recipients must sign a grant agreement with the Foundation and complete the KYC process before receiving the grant in the form of $RARI tokens.

About RARI DAO and the RARI Foundation

RARI DAO is a community-governed, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO for short) that promotes the ecosystem growth and shapes the future of Rarible Protocol – open-source and free-to-use infrastructure for building NFT apps and experiences

RARI DAO is represented IRL (in real life) by the RARI Foundation, a Cayman Islands legal entity. This allows the RARI DAO to have formal representation, enter into contractual relationships, and utilize a legal entity's other benefits and protections. 

The RARI Foundation is here to help this ecosystem grow and to help the community achieve its mission of unlocking and powering new NFT use cases.

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