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RARI Chain x Noves: enhanced readability

AnnouncementsJuly 3, 2024

We've all been there: staring at the block explorer, wondering why it's so difficult to make sense of each transaction. It’s like you're reading a language you're not fluent in. 

From now on, RARI Chain users won’t be able to relate to this: thanks to the integration with Noves, our explorer displays transaction data in an easy-to-read format. This makes it simpler for users to comprehend and interact with the platform, enhancing their overall experience by offering clearer insights into transactions and smart contract interactions.

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What is Noves?

Noves is a blockchain data management company that focuses on simplifying access to blockchain data and its utilization. It acts as the data metalayer, adding a layer of meaning and translation to raw transaction information. 

Through integration with Noves, developers and users of the RARI Chain can understand and utilize this data effortlessly, without wasting time decoding it. With this feature, enhanced UX of the RARI Chain explorer enables builders to focus on what matters: creating creator-centric solutions for the new era of web3.

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About Rari Chain

RARI Chain is a creator-centric L3 powered by Arbitrum Orbit with royalties embedded on the sequencer level.

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