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Rarible API: use cases for web2 and web3 brands

Success StoriesApril 26, 2024

New revenue streams, new audiences, new ways to engage and incentivize your customers… These are just a few benefits web3 solutions have to offer. 

Whether you are a web3-native brand or a web2 company looking to harness one or all of these benefits, Rarible API has everything you need to get ahead of the game. 

With the help of our infrastructure, major brands have already gone web3 – with outstanding results. Keep reading to learn more about some of our most successful use cases. 

web2 use case: Mattel

Mattel is an iconic toy manufacturing company with IP for world-famous brands such as Barbie and Hot Wheels. Exactly a year ago, Mattel launched its virtual marketplace powered by Rarible API, where users can buy Hot Wheels NFT Garage Collectibles for just $25. 

The launch was a major success, generating $1 million in GMV (gross merchandise value) over a short period.

Mattel became one of the first brands to utilize Rarible X – an off-the-shelf solution for secondary marketplaces built on Rarible API. Benefiting from its built-in features such as instant liquidity and convenient discovery, the brand was able to launch its NFT marketplace quickly, unlocking the new revenue stream and engaging its fans in a new way.

web2 use case: McFarlane

Another web2 brand to choose Rarible API to power its grand web3 entrance is McFarlane, the largest American toy manufacturing company. McFarlane went live with an NFT marketplace where users can shop for Superman, Batman, and other fan-favorite drops.

Owing a collectible of your favorite character in a digital form proved to be a very attractive proposition to McFarlane’s audience. To date, the marketplace generated around $1.3 million in GMV.

web3 use case: Mintle

Mantle Network is a fast and secure Ethereum rollup with one of the world’s largest DAO-led web3 ecosystems. In September 2023, they launched Mintle – an NFT marketplace that enables trading of any NFT collection on the Mantle Network. This is the first Rarible API-powered marketplace built for a blockchain.

Mintle is home to the Citizens of Mantle – network’s inaugural PFP collection that serves as a gateway to an immersive experience within the Mantle ecosystem. By enabling users to trade their upgradable NFTs on a dedicated marketplace, Mantle increased brand loyalty and unlocked a new revenue stream, reaching a whooping $790000 GMV.

A few thoughts on creator use cases

You don’t need to have a major brand to benefit from the tools Rarible API has to offer. Creators at any scale can utilize our infrastructure to create a unified portfolio, coordinate upcoming drops, and engage with your collector base. 

Rarible API can help you take your personal brand to the next level in web3 through a dedicated marketplace tailored to your community’s needs.

Best part – you can make the royalties mandatory through integration with RARI Chain.

Learn more

These are just a few of the many brands that have chosen to build with Rarible API an open-source, free and community-governed NFT Protocol for web3 experiences. Our infrastructure provides a foundational layer for NFT applications that enable users to exchange, transfer and mint NFTs. It's infinitely customizable, to cater to your audience's needs.

To learn more about Rarible API, visit https://rarible.org and https://x.rarible.com/.

To explore the opportunities on RARI Chain, visit https://rarichain.org/

To take part in decision making and govern our infrastructure, join the community.

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