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The Creator Journey, Simplified

OtherMarch 20, 2024

Web3 creates new opportunities for artists to grow their communities and gain revenue, but onboarding into the space has its obstacles: minting, bridging, getting your funds, and now protecting your royalties.

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, promise artists the ability to create and sell their artwork without fearing plagiarism. But more importantly for some, NFTs offer creators a new way to monetize their work by selling directly to creators online and collecting royalties on the secondary market. As the Web3 community grows and the masses adopt cryptocurrencies more widely, artists are furthering their reach by building loyal communities online.

However, the rising interest in NFTs creates new challenges for artists, who traditionally need to grow their technical skills to mint NFTs, create smart contracts, and manage their cryptocurrency revenue. Furthermore, as some marketplaces removed the royalty enforcement, Web3 creators got a serious rug pull on a once reliable revenue stream.

RARI Chain was built with the Creator in mind, opting for enforced royalty mechanisms, lower gas fees, and faster transactions as an L3 on Arbitrum. We continue to search for integrations and partnerships that further simplify and support creators on their Web3 journey. Thanks to recent partnerships with HeyMint and Decent, creators now benefit from a seamless journey from minting to claiming your funds, all with minimal technical skills required.

Solutions Tailored for Creators

Easier Minting & Launch


When we launched our NFT collection, Curious Addys, it took two full-stack engineers two weeks to build everything needed to launch the collection. There are mainly three parts: art generation, smart contract building, and a minting website, each requiring completely different skill sets.

In 2021, creators were paying over $100,000 to build a custom smart contract. After the market crash, it became significantly more difficult to find developers to develop smart contracts, as it was more challenging to sell out NFTs, and developers were hesitant to engage when sales were not guaranteed. After hearing about all the difficulties faced by creators, we decided to build a no-code NFT launchpad, HeyMint, where creators can build their own custom NFT smart contracts and minting websites for free.

How HeyMint Simplifies Your NFT Launch

With HeyMint, you no longer need to hire expensive developers or auditors for your NFT launch. You can do everything yourself without any coding experience. Our team was behind the launch of World of Women Galaxy ($36 million in sales) and Universal Music Group's Kingship, with thousands of contracts already deployed from our platform and our contracts have never been exploited. The entire process takes only 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the complexity of your art generation, and our users have been very satisfied with the ease of use of our platform.

How Minting Works on HeyMint

HeyMint offers three different modules: (1) Art generation, (2) Custom smart contract, and (3) Minting website, and none of the modules require coding knowledge!

Art Generation:

We are one of the few launchpads that own a PFP generator. If you plan to create PFP projects such as Bored Ape or World of Women, our tool can manage image generations from assets, set rarity for each trait, establish advanced rules, and upload to IPFS.

Custom Smart Contract:

Our smart contract generator offers the most flexible way to create your custom smart contracts. You can add different features (Public sale, Presale, Free claim, Burn to mint, Soulbound, Credit card mint) by toggling them on and off. Once configured, you can deploy the contract with just a click of a button.

Mint Website:

We provide two different ways for you to build a mint website. If you don’t have your own mint website, you can build one on HeyMint in just 5 minutes. If you want to maintain your branding, you can use the mint button and embed it on your website, which takes care of wallet connection and minting.

If you want to learn more, visit our landing page from here.

Choosing your blockchain


One consideration that every Web3 artist must take into account is on which blockchain to launch your NFT project. While Ethereum was the most popular choice due to its vast network and security, other players entered the market—espectially L2s and now L3s— offering the same security grade but with less congestion and gas fees.

Things to consider:


Ethereum is a more expensive option due to high gas fees. L2s (Layer 2s) emerged on the market partly to solve the congestion/high-cost issue, but as they became more widely adopted, congestion and fees became an issue.

Fees should be considered for the cost of minting your artwork and the cost of deploying a smart contract.

Security and Decentralization

While NFTs offer solutions to issues like plagiarism and theft, these protections are only reliable if the blockchain is built without vulnerabilities to hacking. Similarly, the decentralization achieved through a network of globally dispersed nodes thwarts centralized control over transactions, thereby safeguarding the scarcity and legitimacy of NFT ownership.

Features & Interoperability

When choosing a blockchain for your NFT project, consider which features are most essential and how customizable that blockchain is for unique features. Are the use cases limited to artwork, or can the chain be deployed into other projects like RWA or gaming?

Furthermore, broadening integrations will offer more flexibility and features when building your project and more discoverability. For example, wallet integrations allow for more collectors to display your NFT in their wallet.

RARI Chain—the Chain Built for Creators

RARI Chain was built as an L3 on the Arbitrum Orbit network, offering lower gas fees and blinding velocity. As an L3, we also have the advantage of being flexible with custom features. Specifically, RARI Chain was built with royalty enforcement at the node level.

Creators across a wide range of verticals benefit from the UX and promise of royalties, and we have a growing list of partners to make launching your project, or onboarding community members, easier.

Finally, the RARI DAO governs RARI Chain, ensuring decentralized representation from a diverse set of voices. RARI Chain is a truly decentralized blockchain.

Bridging & Claiming Your Funds


Bridging experiences are some of the most dreaded in crypto. Historically, they’ve been plagued with long wait times of minutes to hours, expensive transaction fees, many options lacking security considerations, and confusing interfaces! Users who want to get non-ETH tokens on another chain endure even more steps, having to go to a separate site to swap those tokens—so many open tabs!

Decent enables fast, cheap, reliable cross-chain swaps and 1-click cross-chain transactions. This means that users can swap from any token on any chain to ETH (or any other token) on RARI, in one click. Decent’s routes are complete in 30 seconds or less, with an average transaction fee of less than a dollar!

Decent is built on and in partnership with LayerZero, the most secure messaging protocol in crypto. Because the transaction is tracked transparently in smart contracts, you never lose sight of your funds.

Go to the Decent App to bridge to and from RARI chain, and soon you’ll be able to do so directly in the Rarible.com site!

Launch Your NFT

Join the RARI Chain Creator network and stay current on our Creator Funds & Grants. Learn more about HeyMint and Decent to see how they can support your NFT project

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