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What can you build with the Rarible Protocol and RARI Chain?

EducationApril 12, 2024

Rarible Protocol and RARI Chain are the foundational layers of the RARI ecosystem, united by the mission to power the next generation of the NFT use cases. 

With Rarible Protocol providing developers with real-time data for their apps since 2020, and RARI Chain leading the creator-centric revolution since its launch in January this year, the possibilities RARI infrastructure offers to builders and creators are endless. 

In this article, we explore some of the use cases where the Rarible Protocol and RARI Chain can be game changers, taking your innovation to the next level. 

Innovative NFT marketplaces

Since its dawn in 2018, the NFT industry has been fueled by platforms that enable users to conveniently mint, buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles. Fast-forward to 2024, and most big communities have their own marketplaces catering specifically to their members' needs. Think Mattel and Hotwheels (who build theirs on Rarible Protocol ;))

So, how will it evolve in the future?

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While the core mechanisms of NFT trading are likely to remain unchanged, innovation is imminent in multiple areas, including: 

  • Brand new types of traded assets

  • Simplified and upgraded payment mechanisms

  • New features to support and honor creators’ rights

  • Tokenization of real-world assets

  • Brand new asset types enabled by innovative NFT standards such as ERC404 and ERC741

Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered with ownership and market data, historical statistics, and full-text search from the Rarible Protocol—and lightning-fast, cheap transactions on RARI Chain, which also ensures that creators on your marketplaces will always get paid.

Social innovation

Many people will agree with us that the future of social media is NFT-based. This technology offers a solution to digital ownership and creator monetization issues relevant to any major platform. Imagine if everyone minted their content on-chain! 

While it sounds obvious to people in the Web3 industry, there is still a lot of work to be done to make it accessible and easy to use for mass adoption. All the RARI ecosystem tools are at your service to bring this future closer!

We’re already seeing Web3 social apps like Friendzone innovate. Friendzone, a new RARI Chain partner, offers capitalization on digital connections. Ex. Collectors can help fund creators and become invested in their growth and success as artists. 

The next big social use case can be right around the corner. An example we like to use is PFPs: they appeared out of nowhere and forever changed how people understand and present their identities in the Web3 space. Before you know it, a new trend will shape our social lives on the internet. 

Are you the one who is building it as we speak?

Brand loyalty, on-chain

We believe that NFTs are the future of brand loyalty solutions, thanks to this technology's unique ability to offer unique and personalized rewards and true ownership of the rewarded assets. 

Whether we are talking about a more traditional approach to brand loyalty programs or a more Web3-native approach (isn’t that what airdrops to NFT collection holders are? ;)), RARI infrastructure has all the tools needed to bring it to life. For example, brand loyalists who meet a certain purchase tier can gain access to an NFT that verifies their access to limited-edition products, events, and experiences. 

Brands like Clinique and Jimmy Choo have already embraced the concept. RARI is creating the infrastructure to facilitate Web2 brands' offering of Non-Fungible Rewards to their customers.

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RARI Chain makes executing loyalty programs a low-cost, near-instant experience for brands, and Rarible Protocol enables developers to build applications as easy as one, two, three. We’ve added integrations and partnerships to help onboard Web2 customers, such as sponsored gas fees, codeless minting, seed-phrase-free wallets, and credit card payments.

About Rarible Protocol

Rarible Protocol is an open-source, community-governed NFT infrastructure that provides a robust foundation for NFT dApp developers to build experiences of the future quickly and easily. Under the hood, the Rarible Protocol is a multichain indexer, smart contract platform, and SDK that powers over 5,000 NFT marketplaces, including the renowned Rarible.com.

To learn more about Rarible Protocol and start building, visit: https://docs.rarible.org/docs/introduction

About RARI Chain

RARI Chain is an Ethereum L3 with embedded royalties on the sequencer level that guarantee royalty payments to creators. Powered by Arbitrum, it allows users to enjoy virtually-free transaction costs and multiple payment options for a seamless experience. Various integrations (including with Rarible Protocol!) enable developers to build NFT dApps easily using cases designed for mass adoption.

Learn more and start building: https://rari.docs.caldera.dev/

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