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RARI Ecosystem Q1 2024 recap

OtherApril 3, 2024

It might be a cliche to say that time flies, but it feels that we have just launched RARI Chain – and suddenly it’s already April! During this time, over 100k wallets made over 570k transactions, and even more importantly, artists made nearly 200 ETH and secured royalty payments from all future resales of their artworks. 

This is just one of the Q1 updates from the RARI ecosystem. Keep reading to catch up on everything that happened since the start of 2024!

Community recap

  • Launched with a desire to reward as many active RARI Chain users as possible, we had a quest campaign running on Galxe throughout the entire Q1. Starting today, Galxe rewards are available to claim until May 14th. We are excited to offer more rewards programs soon – stay tuned!

  • RARI DAO developer grants program is accepting applications until April 7th. Don’t miss out on this opportunity if you are building an innovative NFT dApp!

Ecosystem highlights

Governance recap

The highlight of the RARI DAO governance in Q1 was the launch of the second Delegate Launchpad – a 6-month program to kickstart delegates’ contributions to the RARI DAO. The program started in February, and we are excited to share that our delegates are absolutely killing it!

The following proposals have been brought to life with their initiative and support:

  • RRC-16: RARI Foundation 2024 Operational Budget: 

  • RRC-17: Distribute remainder of Incentives Reward Program budget

  • RRC-18: Raise Proposal Quorum 

  • RRC-19: Rari Chain Sequencer Revenue Split

  • RRC 20: Utilization of 2023 Budget Surplus

We are honored to continue fostering an environment for active community members to stay with us long term and keep coming up with the initiatives to boost the RARI ecosystem growth. 

To learn more about our governance process, please visit our updated knowledge base.

Team updates

In Q1 the RARI Foundation team welcomed new team members that have already become an integral part of the ecosystem:

Events recap

Q1 media highlights

Coming up

We are actively working to expand the RARI ecosystem, improve our governance process and introduce new rewards programs for our community. Keep an eye on our X page for updates on $RARI Rewards, a native incentives program designed to reward bidding and minting activities on the RARI Chain.

Join our community calls to participate in the conversation!

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